Welcome to The Salon!

The Salon is a group dedicated to the study of Statistics, Algorithms, Learning, and OptimizatioN. It is led by Professor Gautam Kamath at the Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. Its members are also affiliated with the Vector Institute. Current emphases of the group include enriching our understanding of data privacy and robustness in statistics and machine learning.

The name of The Salon is in reference to the French practice from the 17th and 18th centuries, a central venue for exchange of some of the most important ideas of the era.


Recent Publications

A Polynomial Time, Pure Differentially Private Estimator for Binary Product Distributions

Not All Learnable Distribution Classes are Privately Learnable

Sorting and Selection in Rounds with Adversarial Comparisons

Distribution Learnability and Robustness

Hidden Poison: Machine Unlearning Enables Camouflaged Poisoning Attacks


Le Salonneur


Gautam Kamath

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Privacy, Robustness

Graduate Researchers


Argyris Mouzakis

PhD Computer Science Student

Machine Learning Theory, Algorithmic Statistics, Privacy, Applied Probability


Jimmy Di

MMath in Computer Science Student

Machine Unlearning, Privacy, Robustness


Matthew Regehr

Phd Computer Science Student

Machine Learning, Differential Privacy, Reinforcement Learning


Sabrina Mokhtari

MMath Computer Science Student

Privacy and Fairness in Machine Learning, Computer Vision


Sara Kodeiri

MMath Computer Science Student

Privacy, Natural Language Processing

Undergraduate Researchers


Chris Trevisan

Bachelor of Computer Science

Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Graph Theory, Random Processes


Matthew Yang

Bachelor of Computer Science

Machine Learning, Differential Privacy

Affiliated Researchers


Shubhankar Mohapatra

PhD Computer Science Student

Data Privacy, Machine Learning, Federated Learning, Data Cleaning